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Vegetarian Dieters!

Vegetarian weight loss!

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The Livejournal Vegetarian Diet Community!

This community is for vegetarians and vegans interested in weight loss and healthy eating. Anyone is welcome! If you are just interested in working vegetarian meals into your diet plan or maybe you want to become a vegetarian in order to lose weight you are welcome here too!

Also, if you are interested in vegetarianism in general and not necessarily weight loss, then please visit vegetarian or one of the many other great vegetarian communities here on Livejournal!

Here are some links that may be of interest:
Fitday.com is a very useful site for tracking your calories, nutrients, and exercise.
The Christian Vegetarian Association
VegDining.com Need to find a vegetarian restaurant? This site has listings around the world.
Foodnetwork.com They have tons of veg recipes!

Any other links I should add? Email me at marialaino@hotmail.com !