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new member :) - Vegetarian Dieters!
Vegetarian weight loss!
new member :)

Hi so Ive been a vegetablearian now for about a year, it all started when I was watching shipwrecked!? dunno if anybody's heard of it, its a UK thing I think mainly, but anyways, they made freinds with chops the pig and I was so devestated when they killed her I cried and swore never to eat meat again... so here I am a year or so later :)  It was the fact that she was so intelligent, she knew what they were going to do to her, URGH I had to switch the channel over it made me feel so sick to the stomach.

Anyways...I have joined this community in the hopes to find some different, healthier recipes I could make in the house for my mam and myself, she still eats meat, but when she does, she only cooks for herself leaving me hungry, so I'd love it if somebody got back to me with some nice, nutritious meals I can make please? =)

I'm trying to loose wieght at the moment, so it would be even better if the fat in them didn't make me fat but burned it all up instead!! lol  Ok so maybe that's never gonna happen, but a girl can dream right!? lol

thank you and please say hi, maybe we could have a chat :) 

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