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OH NO - Vegetarian Dieters!
Vegetarian weight loss!
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kibonotsubasa From: kibonotsubasa Date: September 3rd, 2008 06:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
First of all, to get your system moving again, I recommend taking a magnesium supplement. Usually it's in a 3 in 1 sort of supplement, Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc. But you can also find it by its self some places. Take one pill at night, and you might spend a while in the bathroom the next morning, but you'll feel better (just a note, it's for this reason I take magnesium every third day. If I take it too often I tend to get diarrhea). Some cranberry juice would be good too. It'll only flush out your kidneys, which you don't seem to really need... but eh, while you're at it, ya know?

As for a feel better diet, try some home cooked Japanese style food. I'm just a vegetarian, not vegan, so I eat alot of eggs, and I love tamagoyaki (I make mine without the dashi stock) and rice for breakfast. For lunch, some more rice and some tempura veggies hit the spot. and Curry Rice is always an awesome dinner ^_^ But then again, I'm crazy hooked on Japanese home cooking ^_^ not that I've ever been into a Japanese home, or had a Japanese person cook for me. My main source is my professors at school (I'm a student of Japanese language) and a book called "Japanese women don't get old or fat". I <3 that book ^_~
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