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new member... - Vegetarian Dieters!
Vegetarian weight loss!
new member...
Hi there, I've been a partial-vegetarian for a number of years...until recently I still continued to eat chicken... but ever since I started living in my own place(away from my parents' house), I haven't felt the need to eat it anymore- one, because I don't like looking at, seeing, touching, smelling raw meat; two, because I want to force myself to learn how to prepare good meals properly without the use of meat(chicken I pretty much only ate because of my parents and so I wouldn't feel bad for turning what they made everyone else down); and three, I feel better eating a vegetarian diet and wish to still lose weight like I did during the summer(when I did eat quite a bit of chicken since I'd eat no other meat). Anyway, now I've gotten to the point where I need to learn about how to make protein-filled foods that are low in fat and calories. I tired of being hungry all the time and overeating to compensate.

I've come here for support and for any questions I can think of that maybe some of you might know the answers to. I'm terrible at cooking things but I'm determined to learn and become better at it. I wish to lose 40lbs(my long-term weight loss goal) and will accomplish that in however long it takes me to do it. Sooner is obviously better, but I'm not going to go crazy, lose a whole bunch at once and then gain it right back. I'm in this for the long haul. Also veggies and stir-frys are my favourite things ;)

Nice to meet you all!

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troyanchik From: troyanchik Date: May 25th, 2007 04:26 am (UTC) (Link)
Hi! Welcome, new member!
The thing is, once you give up meat and eat nuts and other protein - containing foods instead, you can still remain with your current weight, as you eat more to substitute. But, your body is just used to it, that's why. I heard from other long - term vegetarians that you don't need nearly as much protein as most people consume today. You need very little, in fact. It's just your body getting rid of old habits when you feel hunger. So what you can do is eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. They make you full without giving you hardly any calories (except several tropical ones, like grapes and bananas, but still not too much). Instead, they produce enzymes that aid digestion! Which helps break down fat, as you understand. So, you just have to be patient with that - it doesn't start working right away, takes some time. WIth me, it was around three days. But people are different. Good job being a vegetarian!!
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